Bruce Jack – Pinotage ‘Off The Charts – 2021

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Enticing aromas of black cherry, plum, dark chocolate and spice lead to a harmonious palate bursting with black forest fruits and hints of chocolatey, toasty oak.

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Bruce Jack Wines is made up of a small, dynamic team which aims to celebrate authenticity and provenance, not just in the wine they craft, but in everything they do. Head winemakers Bruce Jack and Marlize Beyers have worked together for over two decades, since 2002, and both have extensive experience in many winemaking regions around the world. Human culture started at the tip of Africa, despite it being ‘off the charts’, so it is fitting that something as culturally rooted as wine should thrive there, inspiring the ‘Off the Charts’ wine range, crafted from grape varieties and regions that are South Africa’s viticultural cornerstones. The labels draw inspiration from the untamed majesty of the wilderness and the symbolic Basotho blanket. In 2023, Bruce Jack featured for the fourth consecutive year in the World’s Most Admired Wine Brands, an accolade awarded by the Drinks International.

Late autumn and early winter 2020 were mild, with moderate rainfall. However, the second half of winter, saw heavy rainfall and cold temperatures in July and August, which was ideal from a viticultural point of view. Summer and early autumn were relatively cool, resulting in harvesting taking place on average two weeks later. The 2021 vintage produced excellent quality fruit with good maturity and flavour.

The Breedekloof Valley is surrounded by steep mountain slopes and the meandering Breede River which flows through the wide fertile valley. Breedekloof lies to the west of Worcester, with the Slanghoek Mountains marking its western border and the Badsberg Mountain dividing the Breedekloof area in two. The mountains have a moderating effect on the climate, with mountain shadows providing respite for the vines from the hot sun, by shortening the days and bringing cooler nights. These diurnal temperature differences create a long, slow ripening period, which results in ripe flavours and natural balancing acidity. The varying soil types in Breedekloof range from sandy loam around the river’s banks, to rockier, more stony soils on the steep mountain slopes. The well-drained mountain soils encourage the vine’s roots to dig deeper for water and nutrients, resulting in lower yields. The grapes are hand-picked during the early hours of the day, often just after sunrise.

The grapes were destemmed, but not crushed, and transferred to open-top stainlesssteel fermenters. A cold soak lasted for four days to extract colour, flavour and fine tannins, during which twice daily pump-overs occurred. Fermentation was followed by two-week skin maceration before being gently pressed. 20% of the wine was aged in a combination of new and old barrels for 12 months.

Enticing aromas of black cherry and plum entwine with dark chocolate and spice through to a harmonious palate bursting with black forest fruit and delicious hints of chocolatey, toasty oak.

Pinotage 100%.

South Africa

Western Cape


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