A nation that has centuries of wine-producing history behind it!

We have a lot to thank Georgian winemakers for, as it is believed the country could be where wine production first began over 8,000 years ago and it is thought that the word ‘wine’ derives from ‘gvino’ (the Georgian word for wine).

This comes as no surprise when you look at the country’s climate – the summers are the right side of hot, winters are not too cold and rarely attract frost, and the rivers around the vineyards receive mineral-rich waters from the mountains.

Of the over 500 grape varieties grown across Georgia, we are delighted to list seven wines, made from five indigenous grapes from the Vachnadziani Winery, which was founded in 2004 by three brothers called ‘Kharebera’. In our opinion these are really good wines. The varietal whites are of Greek quality!

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Showing all 7 results