How to Cook with Wine


Cooking with wine can be complex. There are many types of wine that can be used for cooking. Each wine adds unique flavours. This guide provides clarity on incorporating wine into meals. It explains the different options for using wine and simplifies the process. With the information presented here, home chefs will gain an understanding of how to easily and effectively add a bottle of wine to enhance their cooking.

• If the dish is quite acidic, select a low acidity wine to maintain balance.

• A low tannin red wine will create a smoother sauce. A bitter wine can complement salty foods, as the salt softens the wine.

• Consider whether the alcohol in the wine is appropriate for the dish or cake. Simmering wine in a sauce for about three hours will burn off most of the alcohol, while baking burns off very little.

• Avoid “cooking wines” and choose a wine you enjoy drinking. Do not use a wine that you would not drink.

Hopefully these tips provide a good understanding of how to select and incorporate a wine into cooking to enhance dishes, as well as enjoy favourite wines in a new way.


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